Educating Children … Changing Lives

Sponsoring a student fosters a loving relationship. The impact reaches far. 

Our LSEF students and their sponsors share their gratitude and stories.



"Greetings to all the LSEF sponsors,

I am Vanessa Namagga, sponsored by Mr. Terry and Mrs. Vicki O’Neill. On behalf of all the sponsored children in Uganda, I take this moment to extend our sincere thanks to all of you for the support you render to us, especially in our education. This education we acquire from you has really made many of us fit somewhere in the Ugandan community. To tell you, many of us learn from very good schools that our relatives could not afford to take us. That’s why we thank God for the gift of you, the special people in our lives, and we ask Him to always keep you and grant you all the gifts of the Holy Spirit.



I, Vanessa, am very grateful to Mr. Terry and Mrs. Vicki O’Neill for the parental bond and care they show and are still giving to me. They are really special to me and I am also special to them as well. Their visits to Uganda and more so to my home have increased the love they have for me and my family. Surely fourteen years down the road I made them proud by always helping my grandmother, by knowing how to speak in public, and by many other things. Today they are proud of me for the good performance in my Senior Six, I am going to join the University for a degree course in education so that I can become a teacher and inspire many youngsters.

Thank you so much Mr. Terry and Mrs. Vicki O’Neill for all your support towards me. May God reward you abundantly. I thank all of the LSEF sponsors. May God bless and reward you all for the works of your hands. Happy and fruitful blessings from us to you all.

Sending lots of love to you all,

Vanessa Namagga"

"Real Impact!

In 2005, our parish pastor at St. Eugene Congregation sent a letter asking us to consider sponsoring a child’s education in Nkokonjeru, Uganda where our church has a twinning relationship. In his words, “… the gift of your sponsorship of a single child will have ramifications far into the future.  It will more than likely change you, too! Now that’s a gift worth giving!” Little did we realize how true his message would ring!  

What a joy and blessing it has been to watch Vanessa Namagga grow and develop from a small P1 excited student into the strong young woman that is now studying at Kyambogo University. 

The diligent and loving mentoring and care of the Little Sisters of St. Francis and the Little Sisters Education Fund teams in Uganda and Milwaukee along with the generosity of sponsors has enabled Vanessa and the other students in the program to flourish.  Vanessa has received a solid Catholic education with strong moral values.  This relationship with the LSOSF and the opportunity to be educated at Stella Maris Primary and Secondary Schools in Nkokonjeru and St. Balikuddembe Secondary School in nearby Kisoga has impacted Vanessa, her family and our family.  It is Vanessa’s goal to return to become an educator of young children.  

The mission of the Little Sisters of St. Francis has opened our hearts and been a blessing in our lives. Our initial desire to give was fulfilled through the sponsorship program but the true and loving relationship we developed with Vanessa and her family is the gift we have received in return.   We are excited for the future and for the contributions that Vanessa will bring home to her village. " 

- Vicki & Terry O’Neill