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Educating Children … Changing Lives

Our LSEF Team - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • Sr. Lucy Marindany
    Sr. Lucy Marindany

    Sr. Lucy Marindany is the LSOSF leader of the Little Sisters Education Fund. She holds a B.Ed. from Marist International University in Kenya, a PgD in Education from Egerton State University in Kenya, and a M.Ed. from Saint John’s University in New York. She is Vice President of Education and Childcare Services at St. Ann Center for Intergenerational Care in Milwaukee, WI. Sr. Lucy founded the nonprofit Little Sisters of St. Francis – Midwest Inc. (dba Little Sisters Education Fund) to further the LSOSF mission.

  • Jeanie Lewandowski
    Jeanie Lewandowski

    Jeanie Lewandowski is the Committee Chairperson of the Little Sisters Education Fund. She maintains regular communication with our Ugandan team and coordinates the issues, needs and concerns of the students and Ugandan team with the US team. Jeanie and her family have sponsored students since 2016 and she was able meet their Ugandan daughter in 2017 along with the LSEF team in Nkokonjeru. Jeanie is an active Catholic parishioner involved in ministries that serve others.

  • Terry O'Neill
    Terry O'Neill

    Terry O'Neill is the Treasurer and Financial Manager for the Milwaukee LSEF team. He has visited Nkokonjeru several times and is a strong advocate for the work of the Little Sisters of St. Francis. The O'Neill family has been sponsoring Vanessa Namagga throughout her education and he is proud of Vanessa's hard work and accomplishments as she enters a University level teacher training program.

  • Tracy Flood
    Tracy Flood

    Tracy Flood is the LSEF Secretary and Development Coordinator. She traveled to Uganda in 2006 and has volunteered on behalf of education in the region since her visit. Tracy and her family have been sponsoring a child who is now in her final year at a university in Kampala.

  • Vicki O'Neill
    Vicki O'Neill

    Vicki O'Neill is the Sponsorship and Student Communications Coordinator for our team. She is the liaison between sponsors and students and facilitates regular exchange of letters, photos and report cards. Vicki has been inspired by the strength and devotion of the LSOSF community and is humbled to be able to share a small part in their mission of serving children in need. Sponsoring a child has been a personally rewarding experience for Vicki and her family.

  • Carl Malischke
    Carl Malischke

    Carl Malischke is an Advisor and News Coordinator for our LSEF Milwaukee team. He is an active life-long Catholic following the spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola and engages in this work in response to the calling of the Spirit to do God’s will. He has served on the LSEF committee since its inception and is committed to helping the Little Sisters' change lives through education.

Our LSEF Team - Nkokonjeru, Uganda